Iranian navy unsheathes sea-borne drones capable of ‘regrettable response’

As Biden’s chopper makes its way around Israel’s airport, Iran’s navy is unveiling its first division of ships and submarines capable of carrying armed drones.

“The first drone-carrier division of the Iranian navy consisting of ships and submarine units carrying all types of drone for combat, detection and destruction has been unveiled,” state television says.

“All types of the latest advanced drones produced by the military and the defense ministry have flown over the Indian Ocean’s waters to demonstrate their capabilities,” it adds, showing images of drones taking off from a naval vessel.

The United States and Israel, the sworn enemies of Iran, have previously accused the Islamic republic of using drones and missiles to attack US forces and Israel-linked ships in the Gulf.

“As we are aware of the aggressive attitude in the (United States’) system of domination, it is necessary to increase our defensive capabilities day-by-day,” Iranian army commander Abdolrahim Mousavi says on television.

“If the enemies make a mistake, (these drones) will present them with a regrettable response,” he warned during the unveiling.

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