Likud slams Bennett’s UN address: ‘An empty speech in front of an empty hall’

Former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud, the main opposition party, lambastes Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s UN speech, continuing its efforts to portray the premier as irrelevant and his words as empty.

“Bennett gave an empty speech in front of an empty hall and wasted empty words instead of making use of an important international stage,” Likud says in a lengthy statement that expresses strong disapproval with all parts of Bennett’s address.

The party says that the current government is failing to take action to curb the current outbreak, “and he presents that as leadership. What a joke.”

Likud pans Bennett for touting the current government he heads as a model of unity: “Since when does an Israel prime minister raise internal political matters to the top of the agenda at an international forum?”

It calls the premier’s words on Iran “empty” since he “promised not to wage a global struggle against the nuclear agreement and subjugated our operational activity to prior coordination with the Americans.”

“Bennett showed today how the world views an inexperienced Israeli politician who only has six Knesset seats — like a tree that falls in the woods that nobody saw, nobody heard and nobody cares about.”

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