Netanyahu: I won’t let ‘Hamastan’ turn into ‘Fatahstan’; Gaza will be demilitarized

Continuing to address the nation in a press conference from IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv, Prime Minister Netanyahu argues that “only military pressure” secured the release of hostages in last month’s truce and only military pressure will secure the release of the rest of the hostages.

“Without it, we have nothing,” he says.

He reiterates that he will not allow “‘Hamastan’ to turn into ‘Fatahstan'” with the Palestinian Authority returning to govern Gaza, even if this is the wish of Israel’s staunchest ally.

He cites a survey last week that found 82% of Palestinians in the West Bank justify the October 7 slaughter, and notes that the PA has yet to condemn the onslaught. “They should control Gaza?” he asks, referring to the PA, and stresses that he won’t let that happen.

Rather, says, after Hamas is destroyed, “Gaza will be demilitarized” and pose no threat to Israel.

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