Netanyahu said considering halting the judicial overhaul, Levin threatening to resign

Netanyahu is reported to be at the Prime Minister’s Office, conducting hours of “security and legal discussions.”

Channel 12 reports that Netanyahu is considering announcing tomorrow morning that he will pause the judicial overhaul, but Justice Minister Yariv Levin is threatening to resign if he does so.

It says most members of the coalition favor halting the legislation, in light of the nationwide protests. Both the ultra-Orthodox coalition parties consent to doing so, it says.

The Knesset’s Constitution Committee has been debating into the night, finalizing the core legislation which would give the coalition near-complete control of choosing Israel’s judges. Committee chairman Simcha Rothman has announced that discussion in the committee will resume at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, Channel 12 says. The bill is scheduled to be presented for its final readings tomorrow night.

Meanwhile, a separate Knesset committee has just finalized legislation, ahead of its final Knesset readings, that would bar the High Court from preventing ministerial appointments, enabling Shas leader Aryeh Deri to return to the cabinet.

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