Liberman talks of Arab threat to Israel from within; Odeh slams his corrupt party

Liberman debates Odeh.

The foreign minister says “they want to destroy Israel from within”; it’s not clear if he means all Israeli Arabs or just their political leaders.

Odeh says that “I’m talikng about democracy, living together… and I feel like someone fell from the skies on us, straight from the 1930s.”

“We are sons of this place, we fight for everyone, even Liberman’s voters,” Odeh says.

“We need to take all civilians, Palestinian and Jewish, from the circle of violence,” he continues. “We do not want another people to conquer the state of Israel, we want a state alongside it.”

He says Arabs are 20% of the state. For now, chimes in Liberman.

Liberman calls Odeh a “fifth column, a representative of terror organizations in the Knesset.”

Odeh replies that Liberman is trying to evade “the corruption in his party… Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel,” he quotes.

Odeh avoids answering a question on whether he will recommend Herzog to President Reuven Rivlin for the role of prime minister.

He also repeatedly avoids answering a question on whether he considers the Hamas killers of three Jewish teens last summer to be terrorists.

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