Opposition, protesters castigate Netanyahu speech: ‘Full of lies and incitement’

Opposition parties slam Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s televised address, with Benny Gantz’s National Unity saying the premier is bringing Israel to the “brink of civil war.”

“Netanyahu is talking about the need to unify the nation, and in effect is pushing us to an unprecedented historic crisis, on the brink of civil war,” the party says.

“We again call on Netanyahu to accept Gantz’s offer and to return to an outline of broad agreements that will stop the chaos and put Israel back on track to deal with the immense challenges it faces. History won’t forgive someone who chooses petty politics over the benefit of the State of Israel.

Unnamed National Unity sources cited by the Walla news site deny Netanyahu’s claims of talks for agreement on the coalition’s “reasonableness” bill, saying they’re unaware of any such talks with the coalition in recent days.

Yisrael Beytenu party leader Avigdor Liberman says Netanyahu’s address was “spin aimed at conning the public and misdirecting the opposition and the protesters.” He says it’s an attempt to buy time and calm the anger at the government until he can pass the rest of the overhaul, saying the only solution is to “replace this Messianic government” and establish a constitution.

Protest organizers call it “a speech full of lies and incitement,” arguing that Netanyahu, “rather than keeping the country intact, is choosing dictatorship.

“This is the citizens’ time to go out and resist.”

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