PA security official says Europe to blame for attack

The spokesman for the Palestinian Authority’s security services, General Adnan Damiri, says the attacks in Brussels are an example of Europe reaping what it had sowed.

“While we condemn acts of terror acts everywhere in the world, we the Arabs are the ones who have been burned worst in the fire of terror that was made and exported by Europe and America,” he writes in a Facebook post, invoking “the exportation of Jewish terrorism to Palestine, which they supported and justified,” and implying that Islamist terrorism was a product of European colonialism.

Adnan Damiri (YouTube screenshot)
Adnan Damiri (YouTube screenshot)

“Today,” he continues, “Europe’s airports and squares are burning in their own fire.”

Damiri adds, “The one who prepares the poison will eventually taste it. Europe is now tasting what its hands made.”

Israelis, too, among them ministers, have castigated Europe in the wake of the attack, claiming that it has been too complacent in its fight against radicalism on the continent, as well as hypocritical toward Israel and its own fight against Palestinian terrorism.

Dov Lieber

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