Singapore says it made Israeli embassy take down ‘insensitive’ post about Palestinians

Singapore’s interior ministry says it made the Israeli embassy in the city-state take down an “insensitive” social media post about the Palestinians over the weekend after warning it could inflame tensions.

The post reportedly said Israel was mentioned 43 times in the Quran, but Palestine was not, according to local media.

Singaporean Minister for Home Affairs K. Shanmugam says he asked Singapore’s foreign ministry to tell the Israeli embassy to remove the post made on Sunday after learning about it, which the mission immediately did.

“That post on the Israeli embassy social media page is completely unacceptable. I was very upset when I was told about it,” Shanmugam tells reporters, according to a transcript.

“It is insensitive and inappropriate. It carries the risk of undermining our safety, security and harmony in Singapore.”

Shanmugam says the post has been taken down.

“Posts like these can… inflame tensions, and can put the Jewish community here at risk. The anger from the post can potentially spill over into the physical realm,” he adds.

The Israeli embassy was not immediately available for comment.

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