Ukraine chief rabbi: World didn’t stop Hitler, it must stop Putin — bomb his army convoy

The chief rabbi of Ukraine is urging the world to stop Russian President Vladimir Putin before he destroys the country, beseeching the US or NATO to bomb the huge miles-long convoy of Russian military vehicles headed for the capital Kyiv.

“From Friday it went from a war against the Ukrainian army to a war against the people,” Rabbi Yaakov Bleich tells CNN. “I’m not gonna call it a genocide because he’s just killing everybody indiscriminately, he doesn’t care about what their genetics are or where they’re coming from.

“He’s killing those people that he said he wants to protect. He’s bombing Kharkiv, which has many Russian-speaking people. Wasn’t he coming to save the Russian-speaking people?”

On Putin’s claim that he seeks to “de-Nazify” Ukraine with the offensive, Bleich says: “The Nazi that should be de-Nazified — his name is Vladimir Putin.”

Bleich says he’s calling on the entire world: “Let’s get up and do something. We can still stop him. We couldn’t stop Hitler in World War II — well maybe we could have but we didn’t — but now we could stop [Putin].

“The world can stop him, NATO can stop him, the United States can stop him. And we can save millions of lives, just by destroying his echelon, 37 miles long of tanks and armored vehicles, where he’s going to destroy the capital of Ukraine and the people that live there. It’s time for the world to do something.”

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