New Health Ministry app is one-stop shop for all things coronavirus

CoronApp includes updated guidelines, latest announcements, info on locations visited by the recently diagnosed, user-submitted questions and more

CoronApp, the new Health Ministry app for info on the coronavirus in Israel (Courtesy)
CoronApp, the new Health Ministry app for info on the coronavirus in Israel (Courtesy)

The Health Ministry on Wednesday launched a new smartphone app intended to help the public stay informed on the COVID-19 coronavirus and its spread in Israel.

Titled CoronApp, the software is available for both Android and iOS.

It includes updated public health guidelines; announcements by the ministry on the latest restrictions, limitations and quarantine requirements; an option to report self-quarantine; reports on locations visited by recently diagnosed patients prior to their quarantine; user-submitted questions and ministry officials’ responses; and more.

The app is currently available with English-language menus but its content is in Hebrew.

Esti Shelly, director of Digital Health at the Health Ministry, told Channel 12: “Digital tools are an inseparable part of the ability to confront the pathogen’s outbreak in Israel.”

Israel currently has 15 diagnosed coronavirus patients, with thousands more under 14-day isolation due to potential exposure to the sick or after return from numerous countries judged to be potential hotzones.

The latest move by the Health Ministry Wednesday to send all arrivals from five EU countries to quarantine has by some assessments sent tens of thousands more to self-quarantine.

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