Polish town names square after Knesset deputy speaker’s family

Polish town names square after Knesset deputy speaker’s family

Skulsk calls plaza after Hilik Bar’s great-grandfather Yitzhak Kotowski, who perished in Majdanek concentration camp

Labor's Hilik Bar addresses the Knesset (Flash90)
Labor's Hilik Bar addresses the Knesset (Flash90)

The deputy speaker of the Knesset, Hilik Bar, attended a ceremony in a Polish town that renamed its main square for his great-grandfather, who was murdered in the Holocaust.

The renaming ceremony last week in Skulsk, 120 miles west of Warsaw, was in memory of Yitzhak Kotowski, a head of the local Jewish community who was murdered in the Majdanek concentration camp in 1942, the Israeli daily Maariv reported.

A member of the Labor Party, Bar, with 17 members of his family, was on hand as the ceremony which saw the town’s main plaza renamed “Kotowski Family Square.”

Bar, the head of the Israel-Poland Friendship parliamentary caucus, was received at a municipality building last year on land that he said his family had owned; it was built over their home, which had been destroyed.

The ceremony took place ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day, which this year fell on May 5.

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Before Kotowski, who is Bar’s maternal great-grandfather, was sent to Majdanek, his wife, Gitel, was killed with a group of Jews in a nearby forest by Nazi soldiers, who wiped out the local Jewish community of several hundred.

Bar said local authorities at first resisted his efforts to commemorate the Holocaust in town, but came around with help from Polish lawmakers and Jonny Daniels, founder of the From the Depths commemoration organization.

Bar said the ceremony on April 28 was a moving experience, in which several of his family members cried and sang Israel’s national anthem, Hatikvah.

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