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Meet the Orthodox ‘settler’ who created a program to assist Israeli Arab soldiers

Daniel Gordis speaks with Sapir Ganz Eldar, a remarkable student at Shalem College who shows us the picture is always more complicated than stereotypes would suggest

Sapir Ganz Eldar
Sapir Ganz Eldar

Sapir Ganz Eldar is a student at Shalem College. She comes from a settlement over the green line, is Orthodox, went to an all-girls religious high school, her father was opposed to her serving in the army (he wanted her to do National Service)…. So we think we get the picture, right?

Yet we don’t, because the picture is always more complicated. Sapir did join the army, over her parents’ objections, and once an officer, created a program to assist Israeli Arab soldiers.

“Israeli Arab soldiers”? That, too, might sound surprising. This is an excerpt of our conversation.

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