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Shareena Ghassab Alameri on why kindness is the most important virtue in life

Now is the time for each of us to embrace kindness more than ever before as the world battles the biggest health and economic crisis.

Courtesy of Shareena Ghassab
Courtesy of Shareena Ghassab

We have all heard the phrase “survival of the fittest,” which was coined by Charles Darwin. This term is popularly associated with selfishness, indicating looking out for yourself. However, Darwin’s study on human evolution highlighted how humans are a profoundly caring and social species. In fact, science has now proved that offering resources to others instead of having more and more for ourselves renders a sense of lasting well-being. More than anything, kindness happens to be the most essential virtue in life, and there are numerous ways to practice it, believes Shareena Ghassab Alameri.

The 33-year-old photography and travel enthusiast is of the firm opinion that now is the time for each of us to embrace kindness more than ever before as the world battles the biggest health and economic crisis. Shedding light on why kindness is important, Shareena Ghassab Alameri opines that it’s all about understanding and empathy, identifying the plight of the person next to us, and extending emotional support. She even adds that kindness can never be one’s cure because our challenges are way too severe, but it’s definitely a way of being that can create a difference to those who co-exist with us.

As someone who frequently meets and interacts with new people from across the world owing to the nature of her profession, Alameri believes that practicing kindness doesn’t have to be a big deal; it can be demonstrated through small gestures, such as simply giving a smile to a stranger, helping someone cross the street, or picking up the bag of someone elderly while boarding the elevator. One doesn’t have to become a millionaire to alleviate or treat people well; all that’s needed is a good intention and the willingness to contribute to the goodness that this world lacks, she adds.

When asked about how she personally likes to perceive kindness, Alameri relates, “For me, kindness is something I should give, more than expecting to receive, because this gives people the opportunity to feel good about themselves. So, showering kindness on others, as well as ourselves, is always going to feel rewarding. In fact, it is the greatest gift. People may forget our words and actions, but not how we made them feel. Do your best in giving. And while doing so, do not forget to be kind to yourself. Treat yourself gently and kindly!”

There are different ways to be kind and endless chances to practice kindness. Perhaps, kindness is a value that could strengthen your relationships and add extra element of satisfaction to them. Try it out and see how it can be one of the happiest experiences in life, as it has been for Shareena Ghassab Alameri.

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