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Taken captive: Hamza Ziyadne, Rahat resident working in Kibbutz Holit

Abducted on October 7 by Hamas terrorists; still in Gaza after two siblings released November 30

Hamza Ziyadne (Courtesy)
Hamza Ziyadne (Courtesy)

Hamza Ziyadne, 22, was taken captive to Gaza, along with his father, Youssef Ziyadne, 53, and two other siblings, Bilal Ziyadne, 18, and Aisha Ziyadne, 17, while working in Kibbutz Holit.

Bilal and Aisha were released on November 30 after more than 50 days in Hamas captivity; their father and other brother remain hostages in Gaza.

Hamza, married and a father of two, was working with his father, Youssef, in the Holit cow shed, along with his brother Bilal, and his sister, Aisha, who had joined them for the morning.

The family lives in Rahat, in the Ziyadne neighborhood, named for their extensive family clan.

Following their release, Bilal said the terrorists kidnapped him and his family members even though they knew they were Arabs, as he struggled to describe his experiences in an interview.

Bilal said the four of them were kept together, and they were brought enough food to not be hungry, “normal food. Bread, beans, tomatoes, falafel, things like that.”

They did not know there were other hostages outside of the four members of their family and were unaware of the seriousness of the situation.

“We didn’t think the war would take that long. It felt like such a long time, we prayed to be freed,” said Bilal.

Bilal said that all four of them were provided with “a mattress, pillow, blanket,” unlike many of the other freed hostages who said they slept on the bare ground and were given barely enough food to survive.

The terrorists also gave them a Quran, he said.

The released teen said he felt afraid of the Israeli airstrikes he would hear, but not of Hamas: “I’m scared for those who are still there… I feel and I know what they’re going through.”

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