Widow of terror victim appeals to Bennett to save illegal outpost where he studied

In letter to PM, Ettya Dimentman says Homesh should be legalized rather than demolished, which would be a ‘prize’ to terrorism

Ettya Dimentman, widow of Yehuda Dimentman, seen during a press conference as she mourns his death in a terror attack, seen at the family home in Mevaseret Zion on December 19, 2021, (Yonatan Sindel /Flash90)
Ettya Dimentman, widow of Yehuda Dimentman, seen during a press conference as she mourns his death in a terror attack, seen at the family home in Mevaseret Zion on December 19, 2021, (Yonatan Sindel /Flash90)

Ettya Dimentman, whose husband was killed last week in a West Bank terror shooting, sent a letter Monday to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett urging that the illegal outpost where he studied not be demolished, but rather made legal and permitted to flourish.

“Don’t complete what the terrorists didn’t, don’t destroy what we have built at Homesh,” Dimentman said of the outpost in the northern West Bank.

Her letter came after security forces razed a number of structures on Sunday at Homesh that were set up in the wake of the deadly terror attack.

On Thursday night, Palestinian terrorists opened fire at a car of students from the illegally constructed yeshiva, or religious school, at Homesh, killing Yehuda Dimentman and wounding two others.

In response to the attack, on Saturday night, hundreds of settlers broke into the outpost, assaulted the soldiers who were guarding the area, and constructed a number of additional structures at the site, the Israel Defense Forces said.

On Sunday morning the Defense Ministry’s Civil Authority, guarded by Israel Police officers, demolished the newly constructed plywood buildings. A spokesperson for the Civil Administration, which oversees day-to-day management of the West Bank, said that only the structures built over the weekend were destroyed, not the yeshiva building, which was left intact.

However, the yeshiva, which has been tacitly operating for 15 years, was also constructed without the proper permits and was built on a site that it is illegal for Israelis to visit under the 2005 law behind the Disengagement, when Israel pulled out unilaterally from the Gaza Strip and four northern West Bank settlements.

Israeli security forces demolish illegally constructed buildings on the Homesh outpost, which were set up following a deadly terror attack nearby, on December 19, 2021. (Screen capture: Twitter)

Addressing Bennett, Dimentman wrote that she heard with “shock and horror” of the plans to destroy the yeshiva at Homesh. There has been no recent public declaration by authorities to do so.

Instead of mourning for her husband, “I have to stop everything and write to you.”

Destruction of the yeshiva will be “another painful injury on top of my husband’s murder,” Dimentman said.

It was the deep connection to Homesh of those living there and their love for the Land of Israel that the terrorists wanted to “cut down and stop,” she wrote.

“Don’t kill my life’s work, that of Yehuda and our friends at Homesh,” she implored.

The letter was signed in the name of Ettya, Yehuda, and the couple’s 9-month-old son.

Dimentman and Yehuda’s family had expressed a similar plea the day before at a press conference, where Ettya made a direct appeal to the prime minister, a member of the right-wing Yamina party.

“The blood of Yehuda is too precious. It is impossible to return to routine after the blood of such a pure soul has been shed,” she said at the time.

Yehuda Dimentman. (Courtesy)

In response to the Sunday demolitions, the Homesh yeshiva said in a statement that “Yehudah’s blood has not yet been absorbed by the ground and already security forces are sent with the purpose of destroying the place and the structures set up in his memory.”

The removal of the structures, the statement said, “is a prize for terrorism” and charged that “the Israeli government is doing” what the terrorists did not manage to achieve.

Family and friends attend a funeral service for Yehuda Dimentman, in Homesh, in the West Bank, on December 17, 2021. Dimentman was shot dead in a terrorist attack near Homesh the night before. (Flash90)

The yeshiva urged that it be legalized and permitted to continue as it had in the past.

Overnight Saturday security forces arrested six Palestinian suspects in connection with the shooting attack. Two are believed to have carried out the shooting and the other four are suspected of assisting them.

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