Woman dies days after suspected assault by her partner

Anastasia Klein’s partner is out on house arrest, even after allegedly attempting to gain access to her hospital room dressed as a prison guard

View of the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center during a general strike of the Nurses all over Israel, August 7, 2018. (Photo by Flash90)
Illustrative: Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv (Flash90)

A woman was pronounced dead Sunday two weeks after being admitted to the hospital with severe wounds allegedly inflicted by her partner.

Anastasia Klein, 52, from Ukraine, was also allegedly the victim of an attempted rape by her partner, Dimitri Tsignok, last month.

After she initially turned to friends for help, Klein’s medical condition deteriorated such that she was rushed to the hospital. Tsignok was arrested after her friends reported the event to the police.

Tsignok, who was arrested and then released from police custody to house arrest by the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court, allegedly attempted to gain entry to Klein’s hospital room by dressing up as a prison guard, but was stopped by hospital staff.

Tsignok was then rearrested for violating the terms of his house arrest, and a police spokesman said it was believed he came to the hospital to “finish her off.”

Ichilov Hospital released a statement detailing Klein’s stay at the hospital, which included the amputation of her right leg because of an infection caused as a result of her injuries.

The statement also described Tsignok’s alleged attempt to enter her room to find out “what happened to her leg” and how a social worker there physically stopped him from gaining entry.

The statement highlighted that Klein did not receive any visitors in the hospital and that she died alone.

After the incident at the hospital, Tsignok was again released to house arrest.

The state attorney’s office said in a statement that Tsignok was again released because there was “no evidence the suspect intended to harm his partner” and that “it cannot be ruled out that he came to see how his partner was faring.”

Tsignok’s attorneys expressed regret over Klein’s death and said that their client “provided a detailed version of what happened, denied any act of violence, and was released without any legal action being taken against him.”

They also emphasized that “the prosecution did not deny that his arrival at the hospital was to check on Anastasia’s well being.”

Israelis protest against violence towards women, in Tel Aviv on June 1, 2020. (Tomer Neuberg/Flash90)

Police and social service organizations have reported a major rise in domestic violence complaints since the start of the coronavirus crisis, as many families have stayed at home for extended periods of time combined with high levels of stress.

On June 1, thousands of Israelis gathered at a demonstration in Tel Aviv to demand government action to end violence against women. It was the second such protest in less than a month.

The rally came as the Welfare and Social Services Ministry published figures that showed a 112 percent increase in the number of complaints about domestic violence it received to its hotline in May compared to April.

In May, the Knesset approved the formation of a subcommittee to combat domestic violence against women, sitting under the Knesset Committee for the Advancement of Women. Feminist groups expressed outrage after MK Oded Forer, the only man on the committee, was chosen as its new chair.

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