Woody Allen ‘Gigolo’ preview debuts
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Woody Allen ‘Gigolo’ preview debuts

After years of staying mostly behind the camera, the superstar director plays a Jewish pimp in upcoming comedy

Largely retired as an actor in recent years, Woody Allen’s returning to the big screen later in 2013 — and now you can check out the trailer.

As we reported last year, the film is “Fading Gigolo,” a comedy that isn’t, notably, written or directed by the “Manhattan” maestro himself.

Instead, the new movie represents the creative vision of John Turturro, whose script follows a male florist (Turturro) who joins the sex industry with the help of an older friend played by Allen. As the titular gigolo, Turturro serves female Johns (Janes?) played by Sharon Stone and Sofia Vergara — nice work if you can get it.

Although Turturro isn’t Jewish, his character is, a designation made explicit in the trailer. Stereotype-minded viewers may grimace at the amount of money talk in the two-and-a-half-minute preview, but overall, the character appears to be gentle, respectful and likeable — as well as good at his job, since his first customer recommends his services.

In contrast to earlier reports, the gigolo and his pimp aren’t Hasidic, although the Internet Movie Database lists a character named simply “Chief Rebbe.”

While Allen neither wrote nor directed the film, the trailer presents it very much as though he did, with Allen-esque jazz in the background and stylized credits that wouldn’t be out of place in one of his own movies.

Set to premiere at September’s Toronto International Film Festival, “Fading Gigolo” looks promising, and could cap off a wonderful year for Allen, who’s enjoying record grosses (at least by his standards) for the fantastic “Blue Jasmine,” currently in American theaters.

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