Shirtless drummer runs afoul of law
Sex with your clothes onSex with your clothes on

Shirtless drummer runs afoul of law

At a recent concert in Jerusalem, Monica Sex's Shahar Even Tzur removed his top for the song 'Naked'; police were not impressed

Doors frontman Jim Morrison allegedly exposed his genitals on stage in 1969 and was subsequently arrested for the act. Nearly 45 years later, Monica Sex drummer Shahar Even Tzur nearly suffered the same fate for taking off his shirt at a recent concert.

When the band performs its song “Naked,” Even Tzur puts down his drumsticks and sings the lead vocals. At the lyrics “It’s a shame we cannot go naked,” he has been known to lift his shirt for a few seconds. According to a report in Ynet, last Thursday at the band’s performance at the Beer Festival in Jerusalem, Even Tzur took it a step further and removed his shirt.

A policeman present asked one of the festival’s producers to instruct the drummer to put his shirt back on, saying that it was forbidden for him to be shirtless in the Old Train Station concert venue. The producer passed the message to the director of the show, and when Even Tzur went back to his drum set to finish the show, the director informed him that he had to put his shirt back on.

Even Tzur refused, and the band started its next song.

“I didn’t really understand what was going on,” Even Tzur told Ynet, “so I continued to play. Then they came back to me in the middle of the song to ask again.”

He turned to the crowd, many of whom Even Tzur says were not wearing shirts, and yelled “They are trying to dress me!” — to which many of the fans yelled back “No!”

Lead singer Yali Sobol then removed his shirt as well and the band closed out its set, with Even Tzur and Sobol both shirtless.

A police spokesman told Ynet that the incident was being investigated.

“I was very surprised,” Sobol said. “I felt like we had been thrown back to an earlier time period.”

Even Tzur said he was looking forward to to Monica Sex’s next performance, in Binyamina next weekend. There, he said, “nobody will try to dress us.”

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