A group of fifth graders from northern Israel unearthed 16 gold and eight silver medallions with Arabic inscriptions at the Korazim national park.

The students of the Ramat Korazim school discovered the treasure, assumed to be from the Ottoman era, while on a class archaeological dig.

“We hope the find that was uncovered on the first day of excavations will be a harbinger of more interesting and historically valuable finds that will spill more light on the past of the Korazim town,” Dr. Yossi Bordovitz, an archaeologist employed by the Parks Authority, said.

“The young archaeologists of the Ramat Korazim dug excitedly — at the moment the medallions were discovered, the excitement was great,” he described.

Korazim, located just north of the Sea of Galilee, was first mentioned in the New Testament as one of the Jewish towns condemned by Jesus for rejecting his teachings. The Talmud mentions the site as the producer of fine wheat. Remnants of the synagogue and ritual baths have been uncovered at the site.