‘Adolf Hitler’ singer goes on trial in Germany

‘Adolf Hitler’ singer goes on trial in Germany

Far-right musician charged with incitement for song praising murders of Turkish immigrants

BERLIN (AP) — The lead singer of a far-right band is on trial for incitement for a song praising the killing of immigrants by neo-Nazis.

Daniel G., 42, went on trial Monday in Meppen administrative court in Lower Saxony. He faces a possible five years in prison if convicted for singing the “Doner Killer Song,” which appeared on a 2010 CD entitled “Adolf Hitler Lives.”

The song praises killings of 10 people, primarily Turkish small businessmen, between 2000 and 2007, known in German media as the “doner killings” after the popular Turkish food.

It was not known then that neo-Nazis were allegedly behind the killings. That came to light in November after two core members were found dead after a murder-suicide and the third turned herself in.

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