The pro-Israel lobby AIPAC praised American political leaders for their “steadfast support” of US-Israel relations, and efforts to stymie Iran’s nuclear ambitions, in a statement released on the eve of the Jewish New Year on Sunday.

The group thanked President Barack Obama and both parties in Congress for the “close and unshakeable partnership between the United States and Israel,” and “deepened… support for Israel in difficult times.”

AIPAC cited American financial support for Israeli defense projects despite the country’s own fiscal hardships, and emphasized Washington’s efforts to deter Iran’s nuclear program.

The organization pointed to Washington’s efforts to “foster an international consensus to isolate Iran,” and Congress’s “unprecedented Iran sanctions legislation and the US-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act” as proof of its support for the “unshakable alliance” in the past year.

The US-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012, signed into law by Obama in July, calls for increased American military armament, financing, and cooperation with Israel “amid rapid and uncertain regional political transformation.”

The lobbying group closed by saying it looks forward to further US-Israel cooperation, “especially preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear capabilities.”

Earlier on Sunday Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking on CNN, renewed calls for the United States to set “red lines” on Iran’s nuclear program, and seemed to acknowledge differences between the Israeli and American assessments of the timetable for the development of an Iranian nuclear weapon.