There’s a new Israeli flick heading to the screens next week, a comedy about a macho soccer player who pretends to be gay.

“Shoshana, Center Forward,” stars Oshry Cohen and Gal Gadot, who’s better known these days for her role as Wonder Woman in the upcoming “Batman v Superman.”

In the film, Cohen, playing Jerusalem soccer player Ami Shoshan, falls in love with Gadot after seeing her at a local nightclub. But when the paparazzi catch the two in a clinch, the soccer player is warned off Gadot by a local gangster, played by Eli Finish.

In order to save his own skin, Shoshan agrees to an “educational punishment,” announcing that he’s gay at a press conference. From there, hilarity ensues as the macho soccer player makes appearances at gay pride events, dons pink hairbands and does his best to keep his promise.

Described by local reviewers as a typical “bourekas” film, that uniquely Israeli genre based on local stereotypes, “Shoshana” does its best to amuse while offering some relevant reflections on Israeli society.