Birds in Chinese

Birds in Chinese

A collection of sculptress Dina Merhav's works, centered around the popular Chinese theme of birds

International artist Dina Merhav first visited China in 1992 and fell in love. “It seems I was Chinese in a previous life,” she said, half jokingly. Since then, she has incorporated the theme of birds into her idiosyncratic iron-wrought sculptures.

This new exhibition, “Birds in Chinese,” focuses on the image of the bird — one of the recurring motifs in China — through massive statues and pieces. The theme of birds conveys ideas of peace and reconciliation, freedom, imagination, and the interconnectivity of the global community.

The exhibition runs through November 25, 2012.

More about the artist:

Recently the Israeli Artist Dina Merhav participated in the Beijing Olympic Art Dream 2007, Beijing International City Sculpture Exhibition. Merhav’s imaginative Totem (height 8 meters), selected for this show is an outstanding iron sculpture, constructed of three animal images one on top of the other. This work integrates into a sequence of sculptures which have preoccupied Merhav for the last decade.
Totem was installed in the Olympic Sculpture Park in Beijing.

Merhav’s latest visit in Beijing was not her first encounter with China. “Apparently I was Chinese in a previous incarnation,” she explains her deep interest and fascination with the land and its people. It was a year ago, in June 2006, when she was invited as special guest to the huge exhibition Renaissance and Rising, an International City of Sculpture and Cultural Year of Zhengzhou, where her sculpture Lizard was placed. Not long before, she was honored with an award together with her son Yaron Merhav, in the China Asean Youth Artwork Creativity Contest. Also in 2003 she participated in the International Sculpture Symposium in Yuzi Paradise south of Guillin. There she constructed two monumental iron sculptures, the inspiring Bird of Paradise (height 9 meters), now in Full Moon Park in Shanghai, and Fishing (Height 10 meters), a construction of a fish captured by a bird, located at the main entrance of Yuzi Paradise.

Merhav’s first visit to China was in 1992. She was extremely moved by the shapes and colors of mountains, the picturesque scenery of rivers and villages, the hard working inhabitants as well as the rich artistic tradition shown in Museum collections. She than was convinced she would return again, as happened, and leave a small imprint in this vast land.

Dina Merhav is an international artist whose works are in public and private collections throughout the globe. Her sculptures can be found in Mumbai, India, Genève, Switzerland, Canada, USA and Europe. In Israel, her base and homeland, the sculptures are placed in parks, schools, industrial plants, and memorial sites. In particular it is significant to mention the Oil Refinery in the Haifa Bay area, the Merhav Nesher Industrial Park, at the Nesher Cement Factory in the northern part of Israel and in its other branches in the country where she constructed numerous sculptures.