Hit-and-run driver gets 11 years for killing 3 in 2012

Hit-and-run driver gets 11 years for killing 3 in 2012

Shushan Baraby agreed to wrongful death in plea bargain that removed charges of driving under the influence

Stuart Winer is a breaking news editor at The Times of Israel.

Shushan Baraby appears in court, August 2012. (photo credit: Yossi Zeliger/Flash90)
Shushan Baraby appears in court, August 2012. (photo credit: Yossi Zeliger/Flash90)

Shushan Baraby, who agreed in a plea bargain to causing the wrongful death of three women in a hit-and-run accident, was sentenced to 11 years behind bars on Thursday by the Lod District Court.

Baraby ran over the women on a crosswalk in the coastal city of Netanya on August 17, 2012, then fled the scene of the crime. He was arrested several days later when police found him hiding in a storage room in the city.

The three victims of the accident were all members of a single family: Alexandra Rubinov, 67, of Netanya; and Svetlana and Shoshana Yegudiev, 56 and 25, respectively, a mother and daughter from Dimona who were visiting their relative in Netanya for the weekend.

Baraby was given three years for the wrongful death charges and seven years for abandoning the scene of the accident, obstructing justice, and possession of drugs. He was also given a two-year term for coerced testimony — for seeking to have someone else take the blame for causing the crash. Some of the sentences were made concurrent, for a total ordered jail time of 11 years. Baraby was also ordered to pay a NIS 150,000 ($43,000) in compensation to the families of the women that he killed, NIS 50,000 for each of the victims.

Oren Hanuna, 25, who was sitting next to Baraby in the car on the night of the accident, received 12 months in prison. Hanuna was charged under laws requiring those involved in a crash to alert authorities to the scene.

Family members of those who died in the crash were furious at what they considered a too-light sentence from the plea bargain.

Rudi Yegudiev, who lost his mother and his sister, complained that the jail time should have been at least twice as much.

“We expected 20 years,” he said. “It was all just a big show. He killed three people and got 10 years.”

The original charges against Baraby were of manslaughter and driving a vehicle while drunk. He was also charged with obstructing justice after he convinced a friend to give himself up to police and falsely claim that he was driving the car that hit the three women.

Police claimed to be in possession of a photograph of Baraby driving in the car with Hanuna in the passenger seat en route to the intersection where the accident took place.

Baraby, aged 35, is a known criminal in Netanya. He had previously served three prison sentences for drug- and violence-related offenses.

In August 2012, police successfully matched samples of DNA taken from the car involved in the hit-and-run with samples taken from Baraby.

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