Innovative Israeli technology reshaping the music video

Innovative Israeli technology reshaping the music video

Yoni Bloch's is the latest thing in interactive videos - letting you save your own unique versions of music videos by top artists

If The Times of Israel is the future melding of top-flight journalism using technology to tell the news about Israel in a new, cool way, Israeli start-up is creating the future of music – or rather, the future of the music video – with interactive videos that lets users create and control the events in a video, building a unique story all their own that they can save or share.

A great example of the concept in action is the current top video hosted on the site, a video the company developed for U.S. clothing chain Madewell. The video lets you choose clothes for a model – skirts, blouses, pants, shoes, and accessories (all available at Madewell, of course!), and you can save the video or share it on Facebook. For Madewell, it’s a great way to expose customers to their styles, and for users, it’s a fun game that lets them interact with friends, showing them their “creations.”

The video uses a special media player created by the company,  which presents users with choices at predetermined intervals that impact the progression of the video. The transition between decision points is seamless and made in real-time. Thus, each user-created version may differ by the various paths chosen, including storyline, plot, music, scenery, or other countless features. Interactive Youtube videos have been around for awhile, but none of them even pale in comparison to the coolness of Interlude’s.

The company’s most ambitious project so far, without question, is a video it recently did for U.S. rock group We The Kings. In the video, users have to save a damsel in distress, outsmarting a gang of biker goons who kidnap a girl. You can choose one of the four members of the band as your character, and you control him, video-game style, as you move through the various pitfalls and bad guys you would expect to have to overcome to win a video game. When it’s done, you can save the video – your own unique creation – or share it on Facebook, Youtube, etc.Of course, the video’s soundtrack is the Kings’ latest release (Say You Like Me); the song and the band get exposure, along with a reputation as cutting-edge. Sooner or later, that exposure and reputation is going to pay off in iTunes sales!

Say You Like Me isn’t the only video has created; Last year, a video created by Interlude for Andy Grammer won MTV’s Most Innovative Video award. Interlude is deeply rooted in the world of music; the company was founded by Israeli musician Yoni Bloch, who has a history of using innovative technology in his music (he’s got an interactive video in Hebrew at his own site). “My objective is to use interactive tools to make music more interesting and accessible,” Bloch said at a recent presentation in Tel Aviv. “The standard music video is pretty boring. The Interlude player is going to make music a lot more interesting for a lot more people.”

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