Amid reports of new Hezbollah terror plans, Israeli security officials are working with their counterparts in several Mediterranean countries to ensure the safety of Israeli tourists ahead of the Passover holiday vacation rush.

Channel 10 News reported Friday that as testimony comes out of the Cyprus trial of Lebanese national Hosem Taleb Yaacoub, who confessed to being a member of the Hezbollah terror organization and staking out areas frequented by Israeli tourists, Israeli officials are visiting the Island and its neighbors, taking measures to thwart future attacks.

“Hezbollah considers its attack in Bulgaria last summer as a success and is eager to carry out additional attacks of a similar nature in the future,” Channel 10 reported Friday night.

In July, a Hezbollah suicide bomber killed five Israelis and a local bus driver in the resort town of Burgas. The bomber took advantage of the fact that Israeli tourists were grouped together in buses transferring them from the airport to their hotels.

According to defense officials, Hezbollah has established terror infrastructures in Cyprus, Greece, Crete and Bulgaria, where cells, similar to the one Yaacoub belonged to, are already gathering intelligence to strike again.

Israelis traveling to those destinations are being urged to be extra cautious and vigilant, and to avoid gathering in large numbers.

“Right now Israel’s main focus is on meeting with police and security officials in those countries, mapping out terror threats, gathering information and making their presence felt,” the Channel 10 report said.

With regard to travel to places like Turkey and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, Israelis are being strongly urged to stay away altogether.