Jordan gave approval Monday for the establishment of an embassy-like office in Amman to represent the Syrian opposition, on the same day that the official Syrian ambassador was booted out and declared persona non grata in the Hashemite kingdom.

The new bureau will be an “embassy or representative office” located the Great Circle in Abu Naseer in the capital, the Arabic language news site Zaman Al Wasl reported on Monday.

Mohammed Almrouh, who comes from the war-torn city of Homs, was named the ambassador. Almrouh, born in 1978, was described as married and a member of the Revolutionary Command Council.

The move came the same day that Jordan expelled the Syrian ambassador to Amman, Bahjat Suleiman.

“The decision [to expel the Syrian ambassador] comes after Suleiman’s repeated insults to Jordan and its leadership, institutions and citizens, through his meetings, writings and social media websites,” foreign ministry spokeswoman Sabah Rafi said according to a report from the state-run Petra news agency.

Suleiman was declared persona non grata and given 24 hours to leave the country.

In response, the Jordanian charge d’affaires in Damascus was ordered to leave within 24 hours as well.

Relations between Jordan and its neighbor Syria began to deteriorate after the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011 aimed at ousting President Bashar Assad. In addition to taking in, according to estimates, more than one million refugees escaping the fighting, Jordan has became a supply route for arms and resources supporting the rebel cause.