Palestinian militants claim to take IDF ‘booty’

Palestinian militants claim to take IDF ‘booty’

Masked Fatah men display Israeli LAW missile and vest riddled with holes, vow to keep trying to kidnap troops

Yifa Yaakov is a breaking news editor at The Times of Israel.

A LAW missile Palestinian fighters in the Gaza Strip claimed to have taken as 'booty' from Israeli troops. (screen capture, MEMRI/al-Mayadeen TV)
A LAW missile Palestinian fighters in the Gaza Strip claimed to have taken as 'booty' from Israeli troops. (screen capture, MEMRI/al-Mayadeen TV)

Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip proudly displayed what they said was “booty” taken from IDF troops who had been operating in the Gaza Strip.

In footage broadcast on Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen TV on Monday and translated by MEMRI on Wednesday, the masked fighters, said to belong to the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, could be seen holding up various items, likely left behind by Israeli soldiers during ground operations in the coastal territory.

One of the items was an Israeli LAW anti-tank missile, which is usually left behind after use, diminishing the likelihood that it was actually seized from IDF soldiers by Palestinian militants.

Other items included rifle magazines, bullets, a stained — presumably bloodstained — stretcher, a bulletproof vest riddled with holes and tears, and a green military-issue water bladder.

The equipment was said to have been “taken as booty” during clashes between Palestinian militants and Israeli troops in eastern Beit Hanoun.

Also in the video, a masked Palestinian identified as “Abu Muhammad, spokesman for the Nidal al-Amoudi Battalion,” can be heard saying that while negotiations between Israel and several Palestinian factions over a permanent were taking place in Cairo, Gazan terrorist groups were continuing to manufacture weapons for use against Israel.

“They provide supplies on a daily basis to the brothers fighting throughout Gaza,” he said. “The units supply them with the ammunition they need – rockets and explosive devices. The engineering unit continues to operate, and is capable of providing supplies for several months, Allah willing.”

Then, four masked fighters with rifles slung across their shoulders can be seen standing in front of a cache of dozens of “imported French missiles” obtained by the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades for use against “Zionist armed vehicles.”

One of the men is then filmed declaring that “the only effective course of action against the enemy is armed struggle — kidnapping soldiers, striking the enemy, and martyrdom operations.”

He goes on to warn of a “high-profile attack against the Zionist enemy” involving “kidnapping Zionist soldiers and imprisoning them, in order to empty the Zionist prisons of our commanders and comrades held there.”

The fighters are then seeing lifting one of the “imported” missiles in order to move it to “a position from which we will target” Israel.

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