Three Kassam rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip at Israeli territory on Saturday afternoon, all landing in open Gazan territory, Army Radio reported.

There were no reports of injuries or damage.

Last week, sirens blared in the Ashkelon region signaling that residents should take cover, after a rocket was fired toward Israel from Gaza Strip. The rocket fell short of the border, in Palestinian territory.

The rocket fire followed a series of unsuccessful attacks on Israel in past weeks.

Last Tuesday, a Palestinian who crossed into Israel from Gaza was caught by Israeli security forces with a grenade in his possession.

Israel and Gaza last month marked the one-year anniversary since Operation Pillar of Defense, an eight-day offensive launched by Israel to stem rocket fire from the Strip.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu touted a 98 percent drop in rocket fire since the operation.

“There is no doubt that significant deterrence has been achieved,” Netanyahu said at the time, adding that there had only been 35 incidents of rocket fire since the operation ended.