Merely standing on the roof of a 40-story building is enough to stoke your fear of heights, but watching a careless daredevil attempt a back-flip on the skyscraper’s ledge, only to lose his balance as he lands, has the potential to make you physically ill.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on July 26, a 24-year-old Russian parkour artist named Sergey can be seen performing that exact stunt, with the same failed results, in the coastal city of Ashdod.

Miraculously, instead of falling to a rather gruesome death, Sergey, who goes by the alias Jumping Buddhha, manages to grab a hold of the ledge, picking himself up clumsily to safety.

He then smiles sheepishly at the camera and gives a hearty laugh, apparently not fully aware of the fate that might have awaited him had he tumbled only several inches further.

Ashdod’s skyline has never looked so terrifying.