Silverman’s tweet sparks political row
Congressional probeCongressional probe

Silverman’s tweet sparks political row

Republicans call 'rape' after congressman re-posts Jewish comedian's 'anal probe' quip slamming Wisconsin governor's proposed anti-abortion law

Sarah Silverman (photo credit: YouTube screen capture)
Sarah Silverman (photo credit: YouTube screen capture)

Sarah Silverman found herself at the center of the US abortion debate when a controversial tweet she posted on Saturday sparked a political row after being re-tweeted by a Colorado congressman.

The Jewish comedian, known for her crass humor, wrote on the microblogging site that she would like to “anally probe” Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Silverman wrote the message in response to a new state law signed by Walker that forces women to undergo and view the results of an ultrasound test before having an abortion.

What transformed the incident from a throw-away comment by a raunchy entertainer to a full-blown political skirmish was the re-posting of the message by Colorado rep. Joe Salazar.

His action spurred the Colorado Republican Committee to issue a press release in which they accused Salazar of condoning “the rape of Gov. Scott Walker.”

“It’s fine to disagree with Gov. Walker, but it’s not okay for Joe Salazar to call for the governor to be raped,” Owen Loftus, Colorado Republican Committee spokesman, stated.  “Rep. Salazar’s tweet is demeaning and offensive to victims everywhere.”

Salazar shook off the criticism, denying having supported rape and accusing the republicans of manufacturing outrage.


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