Actress Melissa McCarthy returned to her role as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live, mocking the spokesman’s recent comments when discussing the situation in Syria that not even Nazi leader Adolf Hitler used chemical weapons during World War II.

In the sketch, McCarthy — dressed as the Easter bunny — speaks to a group of children hunting for Easter eggs at the White House, telling them she wants to apologize for the recent remarks since “Spicey finally made a mistake.”

Addressing Spicer’s comments that Jews and other victims of the Nazis were killed in what he called “Holocaust centers” in Nazi-occupied Europe, McCarthy says: “I know they are not really called Holocaust centers,” clarifying that “I clearly meant to say concentration clubs.”

McCarthy brought in the recent controversy surrounding United Airlines after a passenger was forcibly and violently removed from a flight that was overbooked. “I am sensitive to the fact that they were sent there on trains, but at least they didn’t have to fly United. Am I right?” McCarthy as Spicer said.

McCarthy also apologized “to all the goys out there” that the remarks were made during the Passover holiday, “aka Jewish Easter,” before going on to reenact the story of Passover using dolls from “Veggie Tales,” an animated children’s series.

In the reenactment, McCarthy tells how Pharaoh, “a bad, bad hombre” is doing “some really bad stuff to the Jews,” which she says “not even Hitler was,” before stopping herself, saying “I am not going to go there again” since “fool me once, shame on me, fool me twice, shame on Jews.”

McCarthy’s Spicer tells of how Passover got its name, saying the Jews “pass over, literally, they float over the Pharaoh, kind of like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dreiydel.”

“From then on, pretty much smooth sailing for the Jews,” she adds.

After finishing the reenactment of the Passover story, McCarthy issues a clarification on the ranking of history’s worst bad guys, which she says is topped by Hitler, Syrian President Bashar Assad, Pharaoh “and then I guess chronologically Jews take number four.”

McCarthy ends the sketch by plowing into the podium with a giant motorized Easter egg, in a riff on her previous sketches as Spicer in which she drove the podium into the White House press corps.