In honor of the upcoming Deaf and Hard of Hearing Awareness Day and the Institute for the Advancement of Deaf Persons’ 20th anniversary on November 19, the institute has introduced new Hebrew signs that gently mock notable Israeli politicians’ most distinct physical characteristics in sign language.

The newly established sign for Finance Minister Yair Lapid, whose debonair, manicured look has been the source of many a punchline in Israel, is placing two hands on both sides of the head as if applying hair gel.

President Shimon Peres will be identified by pressing an index finger to the chin, in tribute to his pronounced cleft.

The sign for Shas party chief Aryeh Deri is drawing a beard on the chin with the back of the hand, while Justice Minister Tzipi Livni’s hair bob is evidently her most unique feature as the institute opted to associate her with a hand raised by the hair at chin level.

Culture and Sports Minister Limor Livnat was singled out by her dimple, and Environmental Protection Minister Amir Peretz by his impressive mustache.

Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu’s appearance, however, was not commented on. Instead, he is marked by repeating the sign for the letter “b” twice consecutively to form his his nickname, Bibi.

The political dictionary also introduces new signs for terms such as voting, Knesset, support, minister, law and more.