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Daily Briefing July 27: Echoes of the Cold War; life is getting more expensive

Diaspora affairs correspondent Judah Ari Gross and editor David Horovitz on Russia’s threats against Jewish Agency; ongoing Western Wall drama; Israel’s growing wealth disparity

Welcome to The Times of Israel’s Daily Briefing, your 15-minute audio update on what’s happening in Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world, from Sunday through Thursday.

Editor David Horovitz and religion and Diaspora affairs correspondent Judah Ari Gross join host Anne Gordon on today’s episode.

Russia wants to close the doors of the Jewish Agency there — a decision that may be made in a Russian court tomorrow. We’ll hear from Gross about the ramifications of shuttering the quasi-governmental agency and the diplomatic rumbling that this story has set off.

Horovitz weighs in on the resonance of this case for the Israeli public, especially given the Cold War-era Soviet echoes.

Gross updates us about the new measures to keep the peace at the Western Wall, and he and Horovitz reflect on the lack of attention in much of the Hebrew press to this issue, which is deeply important to key segments of world Jewry.

Horovitz describes the growing financial inequality in Israeli society, and explains the impact of the wage gap and rising prices on people’s daily lives — including why Israel has a shortfall of 5,600 teachers.

Discussed articles include:

Israel gears up to fight, as Russia puts screws to Jewish Agency for unclear reasons

Ex-Jewish Agency head, analyst back firm stance on Russia: ‘Not a time for weakness’

Lapid warns Russia: Jewish Agency closure would be ‘grave event’ with impact on ties

Israel moves to reduce Russia tensions: ‘The less we talk about it the better’

Netanyahu blames PM for Russia ‘crisis’; Lapid: You haven’t bothered to get updates

Israel to send team to Moscow as Russia threatens to shutter Jewish Agency offices

Government bans gender-separation barriers at Western Wall egalitarian plaza

‘The party is over’: Histadrut chair urges consumer boycott amid rising prices

Education Ministry says 5,600 teaching positions unfilled ahead of school year

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