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Daily Briefing May 1: Ariel terror attack & poison pen letters to the first family

Editor David Horovitz discusses Gaza Hamas head Yahya Sinwar’s explosive speech and its implications; military reporter Emanuel Fabian updates us on ripples of Friday’s shooting

Welcome to The Times of Israel’s Daily Briefing, your 15-minute audio update on what’s happening in Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish world, from Sunday through Thursday.

Editor David Horovitz and military correspondent Emanuel Fabian join host Amanda Borschel-Dan.

This weekend was again marked by tragedy with a shooting at the entrance to Ariel that claimed the life of 23-year-old security guard Vyacheslav Golev, who shielded his fiancée Victoria Fligelman. Fabian fills us in on what we know so far.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s family has been threatened twice in the past week. Security officials increasingly believe two different people sent threatening letters, each containing a bullet. What else are we allowed to report?

Also in the realm of threats, in a speech Saturday night, Hamas’s Gaza leader Yahya Sinwar said the terror group “will not hesitate to take any steps,” including targeting synagogues worldwide, if Israel “violates” the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Sinwar praised the recent terror wave that has left 16 dead and called for more attacks.

Simwar has denigrated Ra’am head Mansour Abbas, saying, “For an Arab to say that this is a Jewish state is the height of degeneracy,” and has called him a traitor. Ra’am head Mansour Abbas responded, saying, “We don’t owe anything to Yahya Sinwar or anyone else. We are what is good for the Arab community and Palestinian nation.” Is remaining in the coalition included in that statement?

Israel marked Yom Hashoah last week. Horovitz tells us about an op-ed he wrote, titled, “Never again? World response to Putin shows tragic failure to act on lessons of WWII.”

The tables turn and Horovitz asks Borschel-Dan about an article she wrote about Crusader-era hand grenades, and their tie to Monty Python.

Discussed articles include:

Suspects in Ariel shooting scoped out attack site, saw it as a weak point – report

Officials believe 2 different people sent bullets, threats to Bennett’s family

Hamas’s Sinwar threatens a ‘regional, religious war’ if Al-Aqsa is again ‘violated’

Ra’am leader Abbas brushes aside Sinwar’s treachery claims: I don’t owe you anything

Lapid and Mansour Abbas agree Ra’am will end boycott, return to battered coalition

Never again? World response to Putin shows tragic failure to act on lessons of WWII

Was Monty Python’s ‘Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch’ fact? Crusader-era explosive found

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