Evidence mounting Afula woman was terror victim, police say

Evidence mounting Afula woman was terror victim, police say

Officials still keeping all avenues of investigation open after Shelley Dadon, 19, found dead in Galilee parking lot

Shelley Dadon (photo credit: Facebook)
Shelley Dadon (photo credit: Facebook)

Police say an Afula woman whose lifeless body was found with multiple stab wounds was likely the victim of a nationalistically motivated attack.

Shelley Dadon, 19, was found in a parking lot in the Lower Galilee town of Migdal Haemek on Thursday afternoon. Her body had signs of serious trauma, including stab wounds, police said.

On Friday, police officials said they were keeping all possibilities open in the continuing investigation into Dadon’s death, but evidence was mounting that she was killed for nationalistic reasons, Israel Radio reported.

According to a cousin — who said Dadon called her from the parking lot where she was found dead — she mentioned spotting a shady looking woman in the moments before the phone cut out.

“There’s someone suspicious-looking here,” she said according to the cousin, who spoke to the Walla news site.

Dadon had left her home on Thursday for a job interview, but was not seen afterward. Her body was discovered by security officials during a routine patrol.

She will be buried Saturday night, her family said.

Relatives of Dadon expressed shock and anger over her death, which seemingly took place in broad daylight.

“We won’t take this quietly,” another cousin told the Ynet news site. “How, in the State of Israel, can a girl be murdered in the middle of the day, in the middle of the street? Shelley was a good girl who would tell her father when she went anywhere… It’s an embarrassment nobody says a word, but for some graffiti on a wall everybody takes to the streets.”

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