Fashionistas on duty to help you dress right

Three of Israel’s top style mavens are just a chat away with a new clothing advice app

Take A Look screenshot (Courtesy)
Take A Look screenshot (Courtesy)

Some people can wear anything and look like a million bucks, confident that they have the look – but for most people, getting the right outfit for the right occasion is a painstaking process of trying on clothing, sending selfies to friends for their opinions, and worrying about making the wrong choice for a big event.

Three of Israel’s top stylists feel your pain – and they’re ready to help. Via a new app called Take A Look, Liat Ashuri, Doreen Attias, and Gadi Elimelech will check out your look and give you advice on how to improve it, practically guaranteeing that you’re the best dressed you can be.

Ashuri, Attias, and Elimelech are among the top doyens of Israeli style. Ashuri has designed clothes and shoes for top Israeli models, including the just-married Bar Refaeli; Attias has a long history designing outfits for actors in top Israeli television dramas, talk shows, and reality events; and Elimelech is an internationally recognized designer of wedding gowns who has done styling work for top Israeli clothing and jewelry firms.

Together, the three, under the auspices of an Israeli marketing firm called Excite, are ready and waiting for selfies from Take A Look users, which they will critique – for a small fee (users buy virtual coins which they spend on each advisory session; a comprehensive critique of an outfit can cost NIS 88, or $25). Take A Look’s dialog boxes are in Hebrew, and there are links to blogs and articles by its three stylists – also in Hebrew – but any Android phone user can download and install the app and submit a selfie to the experts for their opinion.

According to a poll commissioned by Excite, 69% of women have clothes in their closet that looked good in the store but didn’t quite work out for their personal style – clothes they spent good money on but never bothered to return. It’s further evidence, said Excite, that even savvy shoppers who have a good sense of style don’t always feel confident in their choices – and are happy to take advice from wherever they can get it, all the more from leading fashionistas.

One might think that top stylists who have a long list of high-line clients ready to pay top shekel for their opinions would not want to bother with common folk, but according to Attias, that’s just not the case.

“I get many requests every day, from close friends and less-close acquaintances, for advice, with people asking me ‘which outfit do you like better?’ It was obvious to me that we really needed an app like this. I don’t give my cell number out to everybody, and I realize that most people can’t afford in-person fees for style advice. This is the perfect way to help people resolve their style dilemmas in real time – like when they are in the store and deciding whether or not to buy something. The app doesn’t just provide investment advice – it helps educate the public on smart buying choices.

“With Take A Look, the Israeli public will gradually begin to dress a lot better,” said Attias. “And I’ll be able to sleep a lot better at night!”

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