Hollywood’s hunky Yids get the nod
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Hollywood’s hunky Yids get the nod

Buzzfeed’s 51 sexiest Jewish males include many young guns and comedians, but not enough rappers

Actor Adam Brody (photo credit: CC BY Wikipedia/ Michael Vlasaty)
Actor Adam Brody (photo credit: CC BY Wikipedia/ Michael Vlasaty)

It has long been suspected known that those of the Hebrew persuasion play an outsize role in “the industry,” as the entertainment business is called in Los Angeles.

But Jews aren’t just top agents, in-demand directors, or legendary producers. Oh no! Jews are also super-sexy dudes, as evidenced by the list of the hottest 51 Jewish men in Hollywood, published this week by pop culture site Buzzfeed, which, it must be noted (or it will be quickly noted by our commenters) includes men of Jewish ancestry, not just those defined by traditional Jewish law as being Jewish.

As one might suspect, the list is comedian-heavy, with funnymen Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen starting off the list at 51 and 50, respectively. Brit Sacha Baron Cohen also ranks in, at number 36, as does former SNL guy/rapper Andy Samberg at number 23. Hottest comedian: Paul Rudd at number 15.

But more than comedians, the list is populated by up-and-coming TV and movie actors, who claim the top spots: Number 1 is Adam Brody from “The O.C.,” followed at #2 by TV veteran Bryan Greenberg.

Number 3 is claimed by Liev Schreiber, who at 46 is by far the oldest of the hottest dudes in the top 10. Number 4 is wunderkind James Franco, followed by Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben Barnes (who’s that? oh, hi Prince Caspian), Dave Franco (yes, James’s brother) and web-crawler Andrew Garfield.

In addition to Schreiber and Sandler, there are a few other veteran Hollywood gentlemen who, um, made the cut, like Daniel Day-Lewis (number 44), Jeff Goldblum (16!) and David Duchovny (39).

Several musicians made the cut too. In addition to the obligatory nod to Lenny Kravitz (30), British heartthrob Craig David is ranked 48 and Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine is way up there at number 9.

These lists usually reflect the author’s personal tastes — how could it not? — but those tastes do not evidently match those of the Buzzfeed commentators, who added plenty of their own suggestions, most notably a repeated, lamented refrain of “Where’s Drake?”

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