Iran, Hezbollah establish training base in Nicaragua

Trainees reportedly planning retaliatory attacks against US, Israeli targets in event of military strike on Iran

The Hezbollah flag flying in Lebanon. (CC BY-upyernoz/Flickr)
The Hezbollah flag flying in Lebanon. (CC BY-upyernoz/Flickr)

Iran has established a training base in northern Nicaragua near the border with Honduras that is used by Hezbollah, Israel Radio reported Thursday.

Approximately 30 members of the terrorist organization reside inside the area, which is closed to locals. The Hezbollah men reportedly receive all their supplies from Tehran.

Sources estimate that the trainees are preparing for retaliatory attacks against US and Israeli targets in the event of a military strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities, the radio report said.

The base also serves as a meeting point with organized crime and drug cartels for money laundering and weapons smuggling. Earlier this year, reports indicated Iran and Hezbollah’s involvement in drug trafficking and other illegal activities in South America, through Iran’s bases in Nicaragua and Venezuela.

According to the report, Foreign Minister of Costa Rica José Enrique Castillo warned of Iran’s growing influence in Nicaragua and the resulting dangers to Latin America.

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