Islamic Jihad: IDF soldiers told to bake Palestinian blood into bread

Terror group’s spokesman repeats centuries-old anti-Semitic canard on Lebanese TV

Lazar Berman is The Times of Israel's diplomatic reporter

A Palestinian Islamic Jihad spokesman said that Israeli rabbis told soldiers to knead the blood of Arabs into their dough.

Speaking on Lebanon’s Mayadeen TV last Wednesday, Daoud Shihad said, according to MEMRI: “Israel is targeting the Palestinians… I would just like to remind you of the ruling by the Israeli rabbis, who have instructed the soldiers to knead the [dough for] the bread that the Jews eat with the blood of Arab and Palestinian children.”

The accusation was a repetition of a medieval Christian anti-Semitic blood libel which claimed Jews used the blood of Christian children for their rituals.

“The Israeli war against the Palestinians is nothing new,” Shihad continued. “This is merely a link in a long chain of wars and aggressions that have been going on even before 1948. The Palestinian people has been subjected to slaughter and massacres.

“What makes this war special is the legendary Palestinian heroism and steadfastness, which is unprecedented in the history of this struggle. This could be what makes this war special.”

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