Kuwaiti legislator says he ‘loves’ Israel for helping keep his country safe

In rare pro-Israel comments, two MPs defend trade with Jewish state, cite the Prophet Muhammad’s dealings with Jews

Kuwaiti MP Hammad al-Dosari (image capture: MEMRI)
Kuwaiti MP Hammad al-Dosari (image capture: MEMRI)

Two Kuwaiti members of Parliament took the rare step of not merely acknowledging military trade and other dealings with Israel, but praising the Jewish state, in video clips compiled and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

In interviews aired on Al-Adala TV and posted online in late June, the MPs defend financial ties with Israel, one of them citing religious doctrine permitting dealing with Jews, and the other saying he “loves” Israel for helping keep Kuwait safe.

“The sharia permits us to have dealings with the Israelites. We follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad, who died while his shield was mortgaged with a Jew,” said Hammad al-Dosari, an independent MP from Kuwait’s fifth district. When the interviewer notes that he has been criticized for saying such things, al-Dosari responded saying, “You criticize me? Go criticize the Prophet Muhammad. A Muslim does not talk. He obeys the instructions of the Prophet Muhammad.”

Al-Dosari was referring to the belief that the Prophet Muhammad used his armor as collateral when purchasing grains from a Jewish merchant in Medina shortly before his death. The parable is meant to highlight the Muslim leader’s altruism, remaining destitute after giving all his possessions away in alms.

Al-Dosari’s colleague, Nabil al-Fadhl, went so far as saying that he “loves” Israel for selling Kuwait military equipment.

“If the security of Kuwait requires the purchase of Israeli equipment, I will do so, and I will love the Israelis for it. It is permitted to deal with anyone for the sake of Kuwait’s security,” argued al-Fadhl.

Kuwaiti MP Nabil al-Fadhl (image capture: MEMRI)
Kuwaiti MP Nabil al-Fadhl (image capture: MEMRI)

The legislator responded to the interviewer’s surprise and dismay at his professed willingness to trade with “Zionists,” saying: “So what? We’re talking about my country’s security. How exactly did the Muslims benefit us, when our Arab neighbor [Iraq] invaded our country? I am willing to buy equipment from Israel to protect my country from its Arab and Muslim neighbor.”

Israel and Kuwait do not enjoy formal diplomatic relations.

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