Airstrikes target Gaza tunnels, launchpads after rocket fire on south, army says

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

Following rocket fire from Gaza at the southern cities of Sderot and Ashdod yesterday, the IDF says its fighter jets struck tunnel shafts, anti-tank missile launch posts, and additional infrastructure that were spotted in the area where the rocket fire originated in the northern part of the Strip.

Video released by the IDF shows the airstrikes.

One rocket fired at Sderot had been intercepted by the Iron Dome, and two projectiles launched toward Ashdod fell in the sea near the coastal city, according to the IDF.

Several more airstrikes were carried out over the past day in the Gaza Strip.

A cell of gunmen and a weapons depot in central Gaza were struck by fighter jets after being identified by troops operating in the area, the IDF says.

The IDF says another cell that had been launching rockets at troops inside Gaza was struck and killed after being spotted by reservists of the Carmeli Brigade.

In another incident, the IDF says reservists of the Yiftah Brigade spotted a “terrorist observing the troops from a military building,” before calling in a drone strike against him and the structure.

Two more operatives moving toward the troops were killed in a separate strike, the military adds.

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