Bennett cheers as northern town gets fiber optic cable

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett attends the installation of a fiber optic cable in the northern town of Ma’alot-Tarshiha, alongside  Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel.

The move, which will bring fast internet to the north, is hailed by Bennett as “historic” as it will match the connection speeds in the north to those in economic center of the country.

“The periphery interests us very much. This is a national goal for us. The significance of joining the periphery and the entire State of Israel to fiber optic cables, for the economy is immense. It dramatically increases GDP because everything is going to be quicker and easier. More business and better education reduce crowding on the highways and air pollution, and encourages startups in every place that is connected.”

He adds: “This says that a child in Ma’alot will be able to receive the same level of service and education online as a child in the center. This says that it is really possible to establish startup incubators and startups here that can work in real-time. This says that a doctor can sit in Ma’alot and remote operate equipment at a hospital in Detroit.”

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