Demonstrators carry ‘I’m a second class citizen’ banners at Tel Aviv protest

Carrie Keller-Lynn is a former political and legal correspondent for The Times of Israel

Echoing politicians who use similar language, many right-wing protesters at the Tel Aviv rally carry signs declaring “I’m a second-class citizen.”

Uri, a 33-year-old from Tel Aviv, says he wrote the slogan on his banner because he feels that his vote is stymied by a left-wing court.

“Democratic results don’t matter, because the judicial system overrules the democratic process, they have too much power,” he charges. “The results of the elections literally don’t matter.”

Uri claims a link between judicial activism and the prime minister’s ongoing corruption trial, saying: “There have been cases against Benjamin Netanyahu that are totally fake, they charge him with allegations to overrule the elections.”

“You cannot overrule democracy with fake accusations,” Uri adds.

An English teacher, Uri declines to share his last name because he is “afraid to be fired because it’s not acceptable to have the point of view that I have.”

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