Feiglin holds out hopes soldiers’ support will push him into Knesset

In a Facebook post all but conceding defeat, Moshe Feiglin of the Zehut party, which will fail to cross the electoral threshold despite high hopes, blames his poor results on other parties ganging up on him.

“What the hell is the connection between Kulanu, Shas and UTJ? What is the common gripe they have together against Zehut, a problem that’s much bigger than the demographic and ideological gaps between them,” he writes.

He also holds out hope that the votes of soldiers that have yet to be counted will propel him above the 3.25% threshold.

While his pro-pot party is expected to perform well among voting troops, his current tally of of just over 100,000 votes would mean he would need the support of some 40,000 soldiers to make it in, an extremely unlikely prospect.


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