France calls for urgent talks to restore Syria truce

France calls on the International Syria Support Group to hold urgent ministerial-level talks to restore the country’s tattered cease-fire, condemning deadly air strikes by the Damascus regime.

Paris urged the 17-nation ISSG to “restore the ceasefire, reaffirm the need to protect civilian populations… and give a chance to negotiations towards a political settlement,” says foreign ministry spokesman Romain Nadal.

“France forcefully condemns the (Damascus) regime’s attacks that have caused many casualties (and) calls on the supporters of the regime (Russia and Iran)… to use their influence on Damascus to silence the weapons,” he says in a statement.

The ISSG is co-chaired by the United States and Russia, which brokered the February 27 “cessation of hostilities” deal.

But the truce has been shattered in the past week, especially in Aleppo, where more than 250 civilians, including some 50 children, have been killed since April 22, most in air raids carried out by the Syrian regime.

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