Gantz says world must prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons

Defense Minister Benny Gantz calls for greater international efforts to counter Iran, after the Islamic Republic confirmed it was enriching uranium to levels that breach curbs on its nuclear program.

“We know that Iran is continuing to ignite the region with instability and chose to raise enrichment to 20 percent. Iran is a global and regional challenge and we too have our eyes open,” Gantz says in a video statement.

He adds: “Everyone needs to join together in the fight against Iran, its regional terror activities and the threat of its nuclear armament.”

Gantz speaks as he tours the training base of the navy’s elite Shayetet 13 commando unit.

“Today I’m visiting the navy and its elite units… which operate in every space, close or far, above the water or below it,” he says, praising the “great work” of the soldiers.