Gantz: We eased 1st lockdown too quickly, were too late on contact tracing move

Defense Minister Benny Gantz admits the government’s failures in curbing the coronavirus.

“The decision on reopening the economy [after the first lockdown] came too quickly. The decision to move the contact tracing system to the military came too late,” he says.

“But all of this is less important right now. And what we must do now is take action,” he says.

“This is one of the most serious crises we’ve experienced,” says Gantz, citing the high daily infection rates gripping Israel, among the world’s highest per capita.

“I won’t be dragged into populism, into obsessiveness or cynicism, but rather am focused on saving lives and saving our society,” he says.

“This is not a fight between prayer and protest,” but is rather an effort to save lives, says Gantz. Those who seek to pray “and endanger people’s lives” can do so outside their homes. Those who seek to protest “and endanger people’s lives” can do so outside their homes, he adds.

Gantz pleads for unity, saying wars are only won when the people are unified.

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