IDF: 60 rockets fired from Lebanon, mostly targeting Mount Meron; no injuries

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

The military says a barrage of some 60 rockets was launched from Lebanon at northern Israel earlier, mostly targeting Mount Meron, atop which sits a sensitive air traffic control base.

At least one heavy rocket was fired at the Biranit army base on the Lebanon border amid the barrage on Mount Meron.

Several of the rockets were intercepted by air defenses, while some caused “minor damage,” the IDF says.

Hezbollah claims responsibility for the attacks, saying it targeted the Mount Meron base with dozens of rockets, as well as the Biranit base with additional projectiles.

There are no injuries, according to the IDF.

The terror group says the attacks are a response to the killing of a top field commander in an IDF drone strike last night.

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