IDF reportedly probing soldier who didn’t fire at Palestinian who threw fire bomb at him

The military is reportedly looking into the conduct of an IDF soldier who didn’t fire his weapon after a Palestinian in the West Bank threw a molotov cocktail at him.

Video of the incident, near the Kedumim settlement, shows the suspect standing at a bus stop before crossing the road to get in a car. After exiting the vehicle, he crosses back to the other side of the road, where the soldier approaches him.

After the two speak briefly, the suspect pulls out what appears to be a fire bomb and sets it alight. He then threw throws it at the solder, but misses, before running back across the street.

The soldier moves away from the blaze and doesn’t fire at the suspect as he flees.

There were no injuries.

The Israel Defense Forces is investigating the soldier’s conduct and why he didn’t shoot, according to Hebrew media reports.

An IDF statement says confirms a molotov cocktail was thrown at the soldier and says troops are searching for the suspect, but doesn’t address the reported investigation.